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Separating from your partner is difficult, regardless of the circumstances. While an uncontested divorce can in some ways be straightforward and clear, you still have to make the same painful, emotionally-charged decisions. From property division to parenting time agreements, working with a Franklin family law attorney experienced in handling uncontested divorce cases can help you feel more confident and supported. At M. Rogers & Associates, your best interest is always our number one priority.

Our uncontested divorce attorney in Franklin is here to help you restore peace and balance in your life. Call (757) 828-0195 or contact us online today.

What Is an Uncontested Divorce?

In Virginia, an uncontested divorce means that two people have amicably decide to end their marriage. If the agree on all of the issues surrounding their divorce, they can undergo a divorce without going to court.

If you and your ex-spouse are on the same page and able to peaceably divide your property and assets, you are a strong candidate for an uncontested divorce.

However, this does not mean that you do not need a lawyer. Even when you and your former partner agree, it is a good idea to have a Franklin divorce lawyer advise you throughout the process.

An uncontested divorce is a good option for couples with strong communication and who are in agreement on the terms of their separation. Even if you have children and have not reached an agreement regarding child custody or child support, you can still receive an uncontested divorce out of court.

The benefits of having a lawyer represent you in your uncontested divorce include:

  • Knowing that your best interests are protected
  • Experienced, professional help dividing assets and/or dealing with shared debt
  • Knowledgeable guidance when establishing child support and parenting time agreements
  • Guidance through creating a spousal support agreement
  • Ensuring all documents and paperwork are prepared and filed correctly
  • When unexpected issues arise, you will have someone there to help

Do You Need a Separation Agreement Before Divorce in Virginia?

No, you do not need a separation agreement before you can get a divorce in Virginia. Virginia does not recognize legal separation – you are either married or divorced. However, you are required to live separate and apart for six months to a year before you can file, depending on which type of divorce you are seeking.

How Long Does an Uncontested Divorce Take in Virginia?

In Virginia, once the paperwork has been filed, an uncontested divorce takes about 30-90 days for the divorce to be final. This time frame can vary depending on the availability of a judge to sign the divorce decree and the caseload of the court.

We Put You & Your Family First

Uncontested divorce offers the opportunity to reduce some of the mess and stress typically associated with a divorce. Attorney Mandy Rogers has a good reputation with the courts and other attorneys and has extensive experience guiding clients throughout the divorce process.

At M. Rogers & Associates, we work hard to provide clients with compassionate legal representation. We always treat clients with the care and respect they deserve. When you need a divorce attorney to represent you in your uncontested divorce case, call us.

Are you and your spouse considering divorce? Our uncontested divorce attorney in Franklin can help you reach a fair agreement. Call (757) 828-0195 or contact us online.

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