Juvenile crime is no less serious than offenses committed by adults. While the juvenile justice system in Virginia is meant to provide young people with a chance for rehabilitation without long-term consequences, the reality is often very negative. Juvenile records are supposed to be confidential, but that legal protection is wearing thin. A history of delinquency should not affect your chances for college, employment and housing — and it should not be used as a basis for suspicion when you grow up.

Unfortunately, it is all too common for a young person's contact with the justice system to result in serious, life-changing consequences. In Virginia, teens who are adjudicated delinquent after committing certain crimes are automatically placed in an alternative school. Even if they are not certified as an adult, they can be incarcerated. Worse yet, the record of their youthful indiscretions may affect their lives forever.

Caring, Protective And Non-Judgmental Juvenile Court Defense

At M. Rogers & Associates, we are absolutely dedicated to protecting young people now and in the long term. Attorney Mandy Rogers founded this firm as a place where you can get the legal help you need from lawyers who genuinely care about you and your family. Regina Sykes joined us after nine years' service as a commonwealth's attorney, many of which she spent on the juvenile team.

Cases of all kinds can be handled in the juvenile court system for those under age 18. There are some substantial advantages to the juvenile system, but it often takes an experienced juvenile defense attorney to access them. For example, we may be able to help access rehabilitation programs as an alternative to jail.

We handle a full range of juvenile offenses, from minor crimes to major felonies:

  • Serious traffic violations, such as driving after illegally consuming alcohol/under-21 DUI
  • Underage drinking or minor in possession of alcohol
  • Possession, sale, cultivation, manufacturing and delivery of drugs
  • Theft and shoplifting
  • Domestic violence
  • Bullying
  • Sexting and statutory rape
  • Weapons offenses
  • Violent crimes

In every case, our goal is to help young people move past mistakes and misjudgments, get them the help they need, and minimize the devastating consequences of conviction and incarceration.

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