Knowledgeable Assistance With Amicable Divorces

Not all divorces have to be messy. In cases where the parties have decided to amicably part ways and peaceably divide their assets, uncontested divorce is a great option. Child custody can be determined through an uncontested divorce so long as the parties are in agreement.

An uncontested divorce is an option even if the parties cannot agree on child custody. At M. Rogers & Associates, our lawyers can reserve the child custody issues with which you are struggling and transfer them to the juvenile court. There are a number ways to work around issues that are hard to agree upon if you hire an experienced and attentive attorney.

We Can Help You Negotiate And Formalize Your Divorce Agreement

It is common for both parties to sit down and determine how to equitably distribute their assets on their own. It must, however, be incorporated into the divorce decree through a court order. This action places the power of the law behind the agreed upon information so that, in the event that one party does not follow its terms, he or she can be held in contempt of court.

At M. Rogers & Associates, our lawyers are skilled at swiftly navigating divorce settlement agreements. In fact, in many cases, the divorcing spouses do not even need to attend court. We understand that, despite your desire to separate without a messy dispute, divorce is still an emotional event for you and your children. We are dedicated to providing the compassion and personal attention you deserve.

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