We Can Help You Through The Stress Of Divorce So You Can Begin Again With Peace And Balance

No matter how common divorce is, it can be devastating for a family who must go through it. Alongside the heated emotions and concerns about what comes next, you must work through a multitude of details before your divorce can be finalized.

This is a lot to juggle. Emotions, legal matters and moving forward all must happen at the same time. At M. Rogers & Associates, our attorneys understand your stress. While we cannot undo what has been done, we can help you restore peace and balance to your life.

Whether you were served with divorce papers or you want to file, our attorneys will listen closely to the details of your marriage and what led up to the divorce. By assessing your situation and considering the presence of any adultery, constructive desertion or irreconcilable differences, we can determine the next steps. If you have children, their best interests will be determined in child custody and visitation rulings while spousal support and child support will be determined on a formulaic but flexible scale.

Need A Divorce Lawyer Experienced With Military Issues?

If you are a member of the military, filing for divorce can seem even more complex. At M. Rogers & Associates, we understand the special issues military families face in property division, child custody and other divorce-related issues. We have even worked with clients we never even met in person because they were deployed during the divorce process.

We know how to help service members with divorce. Call us today at 757-271-3434 or contact us online for a free 30-minute consultation.

Regardless of what the next steps are and what happened in your marriage, our lawyers are dedicated to walking and talking you through the entire process. Your situation may not resolve itself during your first meeting with us, but you can walk away knowing that we have taken away a large percentage of your worries.

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