Pursuing Peace and Balance in Child Custody Cases

Child custody can be a very sensitive subject. Oftentimes, both parents want to spend as much time with their children as possible. In most cases, both parents are deeply involved with their kids and fully capable of providing a safe, stable and loving home.

In Virginia, the courts seek to promote healthy, loving relationships between children and both of their parents. Ultimately, child custody and visitation decisions depend on the best interests of the child. We know you want to promote your children's best interests, too.

Understand The Legal Terms

At M. Rogers & Associates, we will also put your children first, while being considerate of your hopes and desires and your children's relationships. Custody is broken down as follows:

  • Sole custody: One parent has physical and legal custody of the child. Sole custody is not awarded very often because it limits the child's relationship with the other parent. It is granted mostly in situations where one parent is an unsafe guardian or is absent from the child's life.
  • Joint physical custody: Parenting time is split as evenly as possible between the parents.
  • Joint legal custody: Both parents are involved in decisions regarding the child's education and medical care.
  • Visitation: Traditionally, visitation has referred to the noncustodial parent's time with the children. As more evenly shared custody has become more common, this is increasingly referred to as parenting time.

We also work with military and other clients who are facing interstate custody issues. Through the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act, it is easy to work through interstate issues, as courts in sister states are required to work together to determine which state has jurisdiction over the child's custody and visitation.

When child custody is disputed, the case involves a two-step process. First there is an initial hearing, where a guardian ad litem is appointed for the child and a final trial is scheduled. The second step is the final trial. It is essential that the lawyer you hire is competent and dedicated to working on your case, sharing information with you at every step along the way.

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