Experienced Virginia Attorneys Who Genuinely Care

When you need a lawyer, it is often because you are facing a crisis. It may be a divorce or a DUI arrest. Your child may be involved in juvenile proceedings, or a loved one may have become incapacitated. People and families walk into our offices every day with important concerns that must be resolved through the legal system — a strange and confusing world with high stakes and plenty of traps for the unwary.

You need an attorney to guide you through the system, but you need more than just any qualified attorney. You need someone who understands the real problem — not just the legal issues involved. You need a lawyer who will listen carefully to your story and give you a fair, honest assessment of what you can expect. You need a lawyer who will care about you, not just your case.

At M. Rogers & Associates, PLLC, the foundation of our practice is the authentic, caring relationships we have with our clients. Other firms gauge their success by their revenue growth; we don't. We use our education, skill and compassion to help people get through life's challenges with confidence and composure and to restore peace and balance to their lives.

We are a tight-knit group of experienced attorneys practicing in areas of law that are important to individuals and families. We provide a full range of divorce and family law services, including the issues important to military families. We represent petitioners and respondents in guardianship and conservatorship cases. We are committed to delivering positive outcomes for young people involved in the juvenile justice system. We defend people accused of a wide range of criminal activity, ranging from serious traffic offenses to violent crimes and federal offenses. We can even help you after a car crash or a slip and fall.

Learn more about our backgrounds and successes, and then arrange to meet us. We are happy to provide a free 30-minute consultation to every new client.

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Our office is located in Chesapeake, Virginia, in front of Greenbrier Mall with plenty of free parking. This is convenient for most clients because it is centrally located between several area courthouses, but we can arrange to meet you in jail, a hospital or another location if you prefer. To schedule a free 30-minute consultation with one of our attorneys, please call 757-271-3434 or complete our online contact form.